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Thursday, November 3, 2022

Big scam is happening in the name of free gift in Diwali, bank account is getting empty by clicking on the link

Big Scam  is passing in the name of free gift in Diwali, bank account is getting empty by clicking on the link

Diwali has arrived and with it the period of gifts, wishes and dispatches is about to begin. To make the utmost of this gleeful season, scammers have come up with a new way to dupe people through fake Diwali offers and dispatches. An advisory has been issued by the Cyber Security Team of the Government of India.


These messages can make you pauper

According to the advisory, some viral dispatches of Diwali wishes are targeting druggies to steal particular and banking details. The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team( CERT- In) revealed that some of these Diwali dispatches have links with Chinese websites as the links to the viral dispatches use the. cn sphere extension, while others use extensions similar as. xyz and. top. We do.


Government issued advisory

As stated in an premonitory by the government platoon, “ Fake dispatches are circulating on colorful social media platforms( WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegrametc.) which falsely claim to give free gift links and prices to the druggies. The scam  is substantially targeting women and is said to partake links between peers on WhatsApp/ Telegram/ Instagram accounts. ”


How the Diwali wish message scam works

originally a Diwali wish communication containing a dangerous link, as soon as the victim clicks on that link, the victim is saluted with a fake website that imitates a popular brand. also the victim takes details of his connections, dispatches, call records to fill some particular details and get a special gift. The website asks the victim to partake the communication with some musketeers and their social media platforms to claim the special Diwali gift.


Ways to avoid such scams

To avoid this type of fraud, you should noway partake your banking details with anyone. Before opening any website, you should read the URL precisely and also keep an eye on suspicious extensions.


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