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Monday, October 3, 2022

The new Lada Granta in dark gray metallic “bulat” began to go to the conveyor

The new Lada Granta in dark argentine metallic “ bulat ” began to go to the conveyor 

AvtoVAZ began to produce Lada Granta in a new color – dark argentine metallic “ bulat ”, which was created specifically for the restyled Lada Vesta NG. 

“ This color was firstly developed for the Lada Vesta NG and, for egregious reasons, has not yet been used on AvtoVAZ marketable vehicles. The enamel entered the plant law 619, ” Atypical AvtoVAZ reports on the VKontakte social network. 


It's anticipated that by the end of October, the Lada Granta palette will be replenished with several further tones from Lada Vesta. Among them, in particular, should be bright blue metallic “ diving ”( 476), black metallic “ maestro ”( 653), tableware metallic “ platinum ”( 691) and white tempera “ glacial ”( 221) known frompre-styling Vesta.. preliminarily, “ from the shoulder ” Vesta to Granta passed the red metallic “ carnelian ”. 

In addition, it came given that in September Lada dealers reduced prices for original spare corridor for Granta and Vesta buses . Compared to August, they fell by27.5- 38. 

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