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Sunday, October 9, 2022

Make a small setting in this part of Wifi, then see that heavy files will be downloaded in stormy speed

Make a small setting in this part of Wifi, also see that heavy lines will be downloaded in stormy speed 

Internet Speed If the speed of your WiFi is dwindling every day but you face difficulty in doing your internet affiliated work, also moment we're going to tell you similar setting, due to which you can increase the speed of your WiFi router. 


High Speed Internet currently people take high speed internet connection to work- from- home or to watch pictures at home and play games then. There's no problem in the internet connection for a long time, but numerous times it's seen that the slush rainfall is bad also the internet speed becomes veritably low. In such a situation, if you do your office work, also your work stops in the middle or you're using it for entertainment, indeed also you'll have to make a lot of effort. However, also moment we're going to tell you similar settings, due to which you can make its speed briskly, If you're facing such a problem with your WiFi router. 


Make this setting in the antenna

You must have noticed that the antenna of the WiFi router gets suppressed numerous times or its position changes. Some people don't know the significance of antenna. It's important for you to know that if you keep the antenna in the wrong position, also due to this the internet speed is also affected and till you don't fix it, the internet speed won't increase. You have to keep the antenna open at all times and keep it in the position in which it was set, this gives good internet connectivity throughout your house. 


Please check cable

Due to pulling numerous times, the WiFi string comes out, due to which the internet connectivity gets affected. However, also it can only come out, time keep in mind that surely check the string in the harbor age and if it's out also fix it again because of this Internet becomes slow but you can increase it again, If your wifi router is also moved every day. 


take care of the lights

You must have noticed that numerous times the red light starts burning in the WiFi router which means that the internet connectivity has been stopped.However, also incontinently turn off the power and turn it on formerly again, this restores the internet connectivity as ahead, If you also see this red light. 

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