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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Google gave a blow to China, stopped this popular service

Google gave a blow to China, stopped this popular service 

New Delhi. Relations with China have noway been good with Google. But these connections are deteriorating more fleetly now. maybe this is the reason why numerous of its services, including Google Hunt, have been closed in China by China. In the same history, Google has given another strong blow to China. Actually Google has fully stopped its popular restatement service in China. In such a situation, Google Translate point can not be used in China. 

The reason given for turning off Google Translate

rather of this point, druggies are being diverted to the Hong- Kong grounded platform. still, it has been said from Google that due to the veritably low use of Google Translate, the company has decided to stop the Google Translate point in China. 


Google’s relationship with China

In China, Google has to face a lot of problems from the business point of view. In fact, in the time 2010, the Chinese hunt machine was banned by Google. This happed because of online suppression in China. piecemeal from this, numerous other services of Google similar as Google Map and Gmail are also under restrictions. Original hunt machine Baidu and social media and gaming platform Tencent are present in India in competition with Google. Let us tell you that Google’s presence in China has reduced drastically these days. Some of Google’s tackle products are present in China. still, according to the report of the New York Times, since last month, Google has shifted product of Pixel smartphones to Vietnam. In such a situation, business may shift from China to India in the coming days. 

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