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Thursday, September 15, 2022

With these easy tips, increase the speed of Wifi 4 times, heavy files will be downloaded in minutes

With these easy tips, increase the speed of Wifi 4 times, heavy lines will be downloaded in twinkles

Internet Speed In moment’s time everyone needs internet. In view of this, people have installed Wifi in their homes. Despite having Wi- Fi in the house, it doesn't work duly and you don't get the speed according to your need. During this, any work takes a lot of time.


Still, also for that you have to call the client care numerous times, If you want to increase the speed of Wi- Fi. Although it's occasionally insolvable to do this because client care listens to your problem but no work is done on it. In such a situation, the speed of Wi- Fi remains slow. moment we're going to tell you some similar ways by which the speed of WiFi can be increased to a great extent.




Change the position of the Wifi Router

occasionally the position of the WiFi router isn't maintained duly, also during this time the speed of the WiFi decreases significantly. Actually, numerous times people keep the WiFi router set veritably downward , due to which WiFi content isn't available in every corner of the house. In this case, you should set the router at a slight height. Due to the height, the range of WiFi reaches indeed in those apartments which are a little far down. In this way you can increase the speed of WiFi and also increase the downloading speed.



Optimization is necessary


still, also you're also given an app with it, If you use WiFi. In this app, you get numerous types of options, one of which is also the option of WiFioptimization.However, also surely do, If you haven't been suitable to use this option yet. This is considered a good option to use when the speed of WiFi is low. Actually formerly you optimize WiFi, its speed increases to a greatextent.However, also surely try it and try it, it affects the speed a lot, If you haven't tried this option yet.



Let us tell you that after Corona, people started demanding WiFi more. nearly all companies had done work from home. So at the same time, the seminaries of the children were also embracing to go online. During this time people had installed Wifi in their homes. Due to the lack of proper network of numerous venoms, people have installed WiFi in their homes.

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