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Friday, September 30, 2022

Some Apple Watch Ultra owners complain about the “jelly screen” like the iPad mini

Some Apple Watch Ultra possessors complain about the “ jelly screen ” like the iPad mini 

Some Apple Watch Ultra possessors have begun to complain about the “ jelly screen ” that other Apple watches do n’t have. 

At least a many of these druggies have formerly been set up on the Reddit forums, but it isn't yet clear how massive the problem is and whether it exists at each, or whether it only seems to watch possessors. 


The rearmost iPad mini has this issue, and Apple acknowledges the fact but denies it’s a problem. The company explains that this is a point of the TV screen, which updates line by line. still, the Watch Ultra has an AMOLED screen, and it's still delicate to say what could be the reason for this geste  . 

It remains to be seen that there are further watch possessors who see the same effect. In this case, maybe Apple itself will note on the situation. 

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