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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Smartphone Tips: Free the full storage of the phone without deleting anything, use this simple trick

Smartphone Tips Free the full storehouse of the phone without deleting anything, use this simple trick 

New Delhi How to free up space on your phone The world has changed a lot since the arrival of smartphones. With smartphones and internet fluently available, any task can be done in twinkles. We save a lot of important effects in our smartphone. Important lines from private prints, vids are saved in the phone. Also, there's an app in your phone for every task. We also download numerous print- vids from the internet. still, this fills up the phone’s storehouse and causes the device to hang. Your phone’s storehouse may be full, but if you don't want to cancel important lines, we will tell you a simple trick. With this simple trick, you can fluently clear your phone’s storehouse without deleting anything. Let’s learn about this trick. 

When the storehouse of the smartphone is full, the device hangs and starts working sluggishly. In that case, you can upload your important lines, prints and vids to Google Drive to free up the phone’s storehouse. The process of uploading any train to Google Drive is veritably simple. You won't have to face any problem for this. All you have to do is open the Google Drive app and click on the else icon. also you want to upload all your important lines to Google Drive. This way you can fluently clear the internal storehouse of the smartphone without deleting anything. The phone will also not hang if storehouse is low. 


You can also reduce the storehouse of the smartphone by clearing the background data of the apps in the phone. Clear background data for apps you do n’t use important. Go to Settings and clear the cache memory of similar apps. This will also free up the storehouse of the phone and make the handset work duly. 

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