Gujarat, the birthplace of Reliance, has become the first state in India to receive Jio TRU. From today 25 November i.e. 5G has started in all 33 districts of Gujarat. With this 'Jio Welcome Offer', users will get unlimited 5G data with 1Gbps+ speed. Jio will launch a true 5G-powered series in the healthcare, agriculture, Industry 4.0 and IoT sectors.

Gujarat became the first state of the country to have 5G

Gujarat holds a special place for Reliance. As announced by Reliance, this 5G speed is dedicated to Gujarat and its people. Now, 100% of the 33 district headquarters of the state will have Jio True 5G coverage. With this technology, lakhs of students across the country will be able to get quality education through digital means.

What will you gain if 5G starts?

The launch of 5G internet service will see many changes and experience a different world. This will make people's work easier. Not only that, but there will be a lot of change in the entertainment and communication sector as well. What is done slowly now will be done faster. This network will work so fast that everything will be done in the blink of an eye. 5G network will be faster than human thought. Even if you want to send a video file to someone, you have to say that it will take a lot of time... The file is big, but in 5G it will not happen. No matter how big the file is, it will be uploaded and downloaded in seconds.

What will change if 5G comes?

Most people believe that 5G will increase the speed of the internet and it will be used only in mobile phones or computers. But not so. 5G technology will make the internet smarter than 3G and 4G technology. 5G is not just about connecting the internet to smartphones. But it will also connect to the Internet of Things (IOT).

IOT stands for smart gadgets like fridge, TV, microwave oven, washing machine, AC etc. The technology currently being used in self-driving cars around the world is also 5G. India will also use 5G for smart city projects.

How much will the internet speed increase with 5G?

5G means 5th generation of internet. Its speed will be up to 10GBPS. With its help, huge data can be downloaded or uploaded in seconds. 5G service has also started in many countries of the world. But there is still not enough speed.

Recently, Open Signal, a company that conducts internet speed tests, has released a report on 5G speed. According to this report, Saudi Arabia has the highest 5G download speed in the world. The average download speed here is 377.2MBPS. Here the download speed on 4G is 30.1MBPS.

It can also be understood that 377.2 MB of data can be downloaded in 1 second with a download speed of 377.2MBPS. That is, a 1GB movie will be downloaded in less than 3 seconds. However, Jio has asked to provide 1Gbps speed on 5G network in India. If Jio gives such a speed, a 1GB movie will be downloaded in 1 second.

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If we have 4G in our country, how much speed do we get?