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Monday, September 26, 2022

Pan Card Tips: If the name in the PAN card is wrong or want to change, then follow this step-by-step guide

Pan Card Tips If the name in the PAN card is wrong or want to change, also follow this step- by- step companion 

PAN Card or endless Account Number is a unique ten number alphanumeric number and is issued in the form of a laminate card under the Income Tax Department of India. It's one of the most important documents for the citizens of India. It's used not only for duty purposes but also as an identity evidence. 

still, you can fluently change the same, If you have any problem with the registered name of your PAN card. Correction in the name in your PAN isn't delicate. A person can use both online and offline styles for PAN card correction. Then we've given a step- by- step companion, following which you can change/ or correct your name on your PAN card. 

how to correct or change your name on pan card


still, also for this we've explained the complete step by step process below, you can fluently change your name on PAN card by following it If the name in your PAN card is wrong or you want to change. 

step 1- First of all, you have to open any cybersurfer and  Must visit. 


Step 2- After that on the new screen, you have to elect Apply Online and also under operation Type, elect Changes or correction in being PAN Data/ Reprint of PAN Card( No changes in being PAN data). 

Step 3- Under Category, you have to elect particular and now fill all the details like 


1. Last Name/ Surname 

2. First Name 

3. Date of Birth 

4. Dispatch ID 

5. Are you a citizen of India 

6. PAN Number 


Step 4- After filling all the details, you'll need to check “ By submitting data to us and/ or using our NSDLe-Gov TIN website ”. 

Step 5- After this you have to enter the captcha law and also click on the submit button. 


Step 6- You'll get a communication, “ We thank you for using NSDLe-Gov’s online PAN operation service. Your request has been successfully registered with token number xxxxxxxxx and transferred to your dispatch id handed in the PAN operation. ” has been sent.Please click on the button below to fill the remaining PAN Application Form. 

Step 7- Now, you have to click on Continue With Pan Application Form. You'll be diverted to the online PAN operation runner. 


Also now, you have to follow the on screen instructions. However, hand on PAN also you can click on ‘ Photo Mismatch ’ and ‘ hand Mismatch ’ on the runner, If you want to modernize print. 

Once all the details are entered and the payment is done, an acknowledgment slip will be generated. You have to take a print out of it and shoot it to NSDLe-gov office along with physical evidence of document. 


Hope this composition will surely be helpful for you. Also you can partake it with your musketeers as well. 

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