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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Facebook under pressure to pay $150 billion in damages for campaign against Rohingya Muslims

Facebook under pressure to pay$ 150 billion in damages for crusade against Rohingya Muslims 

Social media platform Facebook is under adding pressure to pay damages for spreading a hate crusade against thousands of Rohingya Muslims expelled from Myanmar. The Rohingya, a generally Muslim community, were targeted by the government- run service in Myanmar in 2017 and forced to leave Myanmar. 

After this a large number of Rohingyas reached Bangladesh and since also they've been kept in camps. AFP’s Report It has been reported that victims ’ associations and mortal rights lawyers claimed that a major reason for the violence against the Rohingya community was Facebook’s algorithms that spread hate content and misinformation. Amnesty International said in a report, “ numerous people from the Rohingya community tried to report content against them through Facebook’s report function but to no mileage. detest content continued to reach people in Myanmar. “ 


The report said whistleblower ‘ Facebook Papers ’ had revealed last time that company directors were apprehensive that Facebook was spreading abomination against nonage communities and other groups. Three legal cases have been filed against Facebook by representatives of the Rohingya community in the US and the UK. At the end of last time in California, US,$ 150 billion in damages has been sought in a case filed against Facebook and its running company Meta. 

Amnesty International says that Meta It's refusing to pay compensation to the Rohingya victims. still, this compensation is only a small part of the company’s huge gains. Meta’s station shows that it's careless about mortal rights counteraccusations . still, Facebook plans to strengthen its systems specifically to check misinformation related to politics and choices. The company has partnered with several media companies to corroborate online posts and remove posts with misinformation. Facebook was indicted of promoting false information posts in the US presidential election. 

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