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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

DART mission: Today there will be a big collision in space, DART spacecraft will collide with asteroid, know the whole matter

DART Mission moment there will be a big collision in space, DART spacecraft will collide with asteroid, know the whole matter 

A spacecraft of the US space agency NASA is going to designedly collide with a small asteroid moment i.e. on 26 September. With this collision, the US space agency wants to test how this technology can be used to remove potentially dangerous asteroids from Earth in the future. The spacecraft, named ‘ Double Asteroid Redirection Test ’( DART), was launched last November. 

The DART spacecraft will designedly crash into Dimorphos. Dimorphos is a small asteroid satellite, which was discovered in the time 2003. It's a moon of the asteroid Didymos. Dimorphos doesn't pose any trouble to the Earth, but its kinetic impact fashion is being tested for the first time in the world. Under this, the asteroid will be veered by colliding with the spacecraft, so that the earth can be defended from similar tests in future. 


Reports According to, this collision will beget little change in the route of Dimorphos. This will allow scientists to measure how effective such a collision or ‘ kinetic effect ’ might be to change the line of any unborn asteroid. 


Before on Sunday, officers from the design said that the spacecraft was working well. It had reached the asteroid. Edward Reynolds, DART design director at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, said the platoon is ready, the ground systems are ready and the spacecraft is fine. It's on track for its mission on Monday. 


NASA has reached this point after a lot of hard work. originally scientists were doubtful whether they would ever be suitable to find Dimorphos in this mission . But DART This asteroid was discovered by the cameras and navigation technology installed in the spacecraft. In July, the spacecraft used Didymos Surveillance and the Asteroid Camera for optic Navigation( DRACO) to find the asteroid. It helped in locating the asteroid by landing 243 images. At that time the spacecraft was 20 million long hauls down from the Didymos system. However, also scientists will get a new technology for the future, If this test is successful. He'll be suitable to remove any asteroid that threatens the Earth from our earth. 

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