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Friday, August 5, 2022

Royal Enfield Hunter 350 teaser released, the company is going to launch on 7th August

Royal Enfield Hunter 350 teaser released, the company is going to launch on 7th August 

According to the teaser, Royal Enfield may have a special unearthing event on August 5. The Hunter 350 is anticipated to be Royal Enfield’s most affordable motorcycle and could be deposited below the pellet 350 at the bottom of the company’s line- up. 

The Royal Enfield Hunter 350 will be retailed to take on the Honda CB350 RS and Yezdi Scrambler, which will attract youthful buyers in India. It's believed that the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 can be launched at an original price of lower than Rs1.5 lakh. 


It'll be given a349.34 cc machine which is going to give power of19.9 bhp, while 27 Newton cadence of necklace can also be set up. This machine is used by the company in models like Classic and Meteor. Other mechanical corridor can also be espoused from the classic model so that the cost of manufacturing the bike can be kept low. 

Still, its design is going to be different from any model. It'll get a gash- drop shaped energy tank, indirect instrument cluster, hinder view glass, single piece seat, small exhaust. Looking at the filmland revealed, it's known that this bike has been given an seductive but introductory look, so its price will also be kept consequently. 

The Hunter 350 will be the entry- position motorcycle in Royal Enfield’s line- up after launch. The company tested this bike for a long time and now it's eventually going to bring it. This will be Royal Enfield’s alternate bike in the Indian request this time, before which the company has launched the Scrum 411 in March 2022. 

Royal Enfield is the largest manufacturer of 350cc bikes, but with Honda two- wheelers, Jawa and Yezdi making a comeback in the antique bike member, Royal Enfield’s challenges have increased in this member. Let us tell you that lately the homologation document of Royal Enfield Hunter 350 was revealed. 


It was seen in the document that the Hunter 350 is going to be shorter in length and height than both the Classic and the Meteor. The Hunter 350 will also have a shorter wheelbase, which will be kept at,370 mm, as compared to the Classic 350’s,390 mm and the Meteor’s,400 mm. The check weight of the Hunter 350 will be just 180 kg. 

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