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Friday, August 12, 2022

PAN Card Fraud: Three messages, three and Rs 1 lakh missing from woman’s account, see details

PAN Card Fraud Three dispatches, three and Rs 1 lakh missing from woman’s account, see details 

New Delhi PAN Card Update Fraud Hackers are smarter than ever and are seen espousing new ways to cheat people. An incident has come to light that a woman living in Mumbai was cheated of one lakh rupees through PAN Card Update. According to reports, the woman entered 3 successive OTPs for PAN card update on her mobile phone. The SMS also contained a link to the bank account. Giving further information in this regard, a police officer from Andheri police station said that as soon as the woman opened the link, a one- time word( OTP) was entered on the mobile phone. which he entered as instructed in the SMS. As soon as they entered the first OTP, they got 3 further OTPs. 


Money missing from bank account after entering OTP:


According to the police officer, as soon as the woman entered 3 OTPs.1.24 lakh rupees were withdrawn from the woman’s bank account by making 3 deals in 5 twinkles. After that, when the concerned bank entered a call to confirm whether these deals were done by the same woman, the schoolteacher realized that she had been cheated. 

After this, the woman incontinently informed the police about the matter. We're tracing the number from which the plaintiff entered the SMS and the link, the functionary said. When the woman clicked on the link, it gave the fraudster full access to her phone through some mirroring operation and also they did the sale. 


The woman also entered the OTP she demanded to complete an online banking sale, or maybe the fraudster transferred her a Google document that gave her access to the phone. Andheri police is now probing the case with the help of cyber crime department to nab these hackers. 

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