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Thursday, August 4, 2022

How to plan a healthy diet? Follow this food timetable

How to plan a healthy diet? Follow this food schedule 

Health and nutrition experts say that following a proper food schedule could help you lead a healthy life. The number of women who are diagnosed with thyroid and anaemia are going up on an intimidating rate. Merina Elizabeth Alex, elderly dietician at the Madras Medical Mission sanitarium says that women who live in civic areas are prone to rotundity and other conditions due to unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise. She was replying to the compendiums ’ questions and dubieties in a phone – in session ‘ Healthy Food Habits ’ organised by Malayalam Manorama lately. Merina gave proper instructions about the significance of healthy eating and diet planning too. 

What should be the diet to control diabetes?


Food particulars that are loaded with bounce and sugar should be rigorously avoided. Reduce rice input; rather, include food particulars that are cooked in brume. Tapioca and other tubers are store houses of bounce. 


Try to include lots of veggies in regular diet. Diabetic cases can eat a fruit in a day. Make sure to eat nutrient rich food at right intervals. Don't skip exercises. However, also drink a glass of milk and half mug fruits in the night to help prostration coming morning, If you suffer from unforeseen drop in sugar situations. 

How can you prevent obesity?


Some people complain that their body weight is n’t commensurate to their height( body mass indicator) while others are upset how to reduce the body weight. Eating nutritional food at right intervals and exercise are the key to reducing body weight. 

Late night feasts could do further detriment than good. It's better to eat the regale before 9 pm. either, don't gormandize in the night. 

Don't skip your diurnal exercise. Walking for an hour in the morning could help in reducing the body weight. No bone


can reduce body weight in one go. It should be done sluggishly in stages. You have to be patient until you see results. 


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Healthy diet 


Cashews, almonds and sprouts are excellent to maintain health. Munching on deep fried food could be dangerous. As much as 500 grams of veggies are needed for the mortal body everyday. either, 100 gm fruits too should be eaten. Meanwhile, grains and beats would insure nutrition. rather of gorging on fried food or junk food, you could try fruits, nuts or boiled chickpeas. 

Eating at the right time is as vital as eating nutritional food. A lighter regale, eaten at least two hours before you hit the bed, would insure a good night’s sleep. 


Make exercising a habit in your diurnal life. 




Lack of veggies in the diet is a major reason for the colorful health issues faced by people living in the civic area. This is one of the reasons for anaemia too as the body does n’t have enough iron. lush vegetables and spinach should be made part of regular diet. Spinach are warehouses of iron that keep down conditions. Try to increase the quantum of vegetable input by reducing the quantum of rice in your mess. 


Hair fall and iron 


Iron insufficiency is a major reason for hair fall. Pomegranates, gooseberries, nuts and dates should be included in the diet. Those who have anemia should rigorously include pomegranates in their regular diet. either, bomb and gooseberries that contain vitamin C too are excellent. 

Diet plan 


Breakfast( between 7 am – 9 am) 

Suggestion Steamed food particulars like idli with mint chutney and sambar. 

Lunch( between 10 am – 1 pm) 

Suggestion Rice( over to 250 gms) with vegetable dishes, fish curry and dal curry 

Evening( between 3 pm – 4 pm) 

Suggestion Vegetable sandwich, sundal 

Regale( between 7 pm – 8 pm) 

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