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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Instagram advertising statistics And content statistics you need to know for 2022

 Instagram statistics you need to know for 2022 

When remonstrating off a new time for marketing, it’s always a good idea to check in on how Instagram stats changed. 

In 2021, Instagram introduced plenitude of new features and upgraded living bones. New features mean new stats, which means you might need to modernize your Instagram marketing strategy. 


To make it easier for you to sort through, we ’ve distributed the Instagram stats. 

Instagram user and usage statistics

Instagram’s fashionability is n’t going down anytime soon. These IG stoner stats will support your brand’s decision to use the network as a marketing channel. 

Instagram has over 2 billion yearly active druggies 


In June 2018, Meta stopped reporting Instagram operation when it reached one billion active druggies. In late 2021, CNBC reported that the social network reached the two billion yearly active stoner standard. 


Instagram was the most downloaded app in Q4 2021 

Instagram bounded four places from number five to the most downloaded app in 2021’s 4th quarter, hardly edging out TikTok. The social network had its stylish quarter since 2014. 



17.9% of global IG druggies are men between periods 18- 24 

In terms of social media demographics, further than half of global Instagram druggies are aged 34 times or youngish. The largest age group is 18- 34 times old, conforming of62.2 of all druggies. 


 Among the US teenage population, Instagram ranks third in favored social networks behind Snapchat and TikTok. It may not be the favorite app among teens but a good portion of them are still present on it. 


According to the Pew Research Center, stoner payment ranges are kindly unevenly distributed. Forty- seven percent of US grown-ups who make further than$ 75k say they've used Instagram. This number is significant for brands that want to take advantage of Instagram’s advertisements and shopping features. 


59% of Instagram druggies log in diurnal 


The Pew Research report also explains how frequently Instagram is used by account holders. 

nearly six in ten US adult IG druggies log in at least formerly a day while 38 will do so several times a day. Having druggies that are this active is great news for brands. Craft engaging posts to stay applicable with your suckers. 

Instagram content statistics


With a wide selection of content types to choose from, it’s good to know which bones are preferred by druggies. 

Average engagement rate per post is0.98 


Does it feel like your posts are n’t getting as important commerce as they've in the history? You ’re not imagining effects. 


RivalIQ’s standard report in 2021 notes that Instagram engagement rates dropped by 25. The standard across all diligence is now0.98. For influencers, however, the engagement rate per post is much advanced at1.42. This rate far surpasses the bones on Facebook(0.19) and Twitter(0.04). 

Carousel posts have the loftiest engagement rate per print 

There are several feed post types available to you carousel, videotape andimage.However, how do you know which bone to concentrate more on? 


If your strategy is to use all three. average engagement rate by prints 


Let’s launch with the average engagement rate per print. SocialInsider set up that the carousel type is the winner for every account size. This is conspicuous if you have a lower account. Accounts with under 5000 followers have the loftiest engagement rates per prints(8.01 for carousel posts). 


But what about Stories? You should post up to five stories a day. Doing so ensures that you have a retention rate of over 70. This leads us to which type of Story post you should make. 


 91% of active IG druggies watch videos weekly


In Stories, you have the option of posting image or videotape content. For accounts with smaller than 100k followers, image content beats out videotape content for story reach. This study shows that brands should concentrate more on images in their story content. 

Still, those are just Storystats.However, 91 of active druggies watch vids on IG daily so having a videotape marketing strategy is pivotal, If you ’re looking at vids in general. 

Grounded on the Sprout Social Index ™ 2022, 66 of consumers set up short- form videotape to be the most engaging type of in- feed social content, over from 50 in 2020. Another study set up that 68 of videotape marketers plan to include Instagram videotape in their 2022 videotape marketing strategy, up 10 from the former time. Do n’t be the brand that gets left before. 

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