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Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Rapha English: English-speaking Course APK Download

Rapha English: English-speaking Course APK Download

Rapha English is a Spoken English Game App offering a FREE English-speaking Course covering English explanation, English language, and English discussion aptitudes. 

Play and Learn English for FREE with RAPHA and FRIENDS! 

(The Heroes, the Villains and the Superheroes) 

Rapha English-speaking Course Features: 

Novel Gamified English Learning Method - LPEGA 

Each English-talking exercise in Rapha English-speaking Course bases on learning English through chronicles, English-talking practice, music, and English Conversation games.

Learn English through Stories and Games

Learn English through natural records of RAPHA and FRIENDS (The Heroes, The Villains and The Superheroes) to make your English-talking basic and relatable. 

English with confidence!

Talk and Get Feedback 

Learn English by talking into the Rapha English talk affirmation system. Get second information and practice English discussion aptitudes. 

Catalyst and Learn English with the Superheroes! 

Play the Rapha English: English-talking course as a Game! Become a Seraph and exhibit your English-talking abilities. 

Accomplishment Badges 

To make your English learning on the web a fascinating experience, win Superhero IDs, and show your authenticity! If you lose, start indeed and win them back! 

Fun Games 

Play and learn English discussion with RAPHA and FRIENDS! 

Rapha English App has approaching English-talking courses that would cover subjects on English Grammar, English Pronunciation, and English Conversation abilities in more detail. 

Downlaoad APK Now

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