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Monday, September 13, 2021

SSC Exam 2022 : MATHS Bluprint Prashn patr parirup, Paper Style

SSC test 2022 MATHS Bluprint Prashn patr parirup, Paper Style 

 detail Detail For English paper style Blue publish GSEB SSC test 2022 


  •  test Body Gujarat Secondary Education board 
  •  test Date march 2022 
  •  Category Paper Style, blue print, Model paper 
  •  Subject Gujarati 
  •  Standard SSC class 10th 

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Paper Style Blue print For SSC Exam Maths 2021

  • Hetulaxi Prashno (Objective Questions ))  :: 24 Questions :; 24 marks
  • Short Answer Qyestions-1 ::: 10 Questions :; 20 marks
  • Short Answer Qyestions-2 ::: 8 Questions :; 24  marks
  • Long Answer Qyestions ::: 3 Questions :; 12  marks
  • Total  Questions :::  53  total: 80 marks
  • time ::: 3 Hours,,,   Total : 80 marks

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