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Wednesday, August 25, 2021




Maths is always fun! It is not just a matter of fun only. Playing and daily practices of maths games take you to an amazing level of brilliance. Mathmax is a multiplayer maths skill development game for all ages. Regular playing and practicing help kids to improve memory and brain speed which helps them to be a star in maths class and exams. Addition games, subtraction games, division games, multiplication games are starting from the basic level and take you to the top through several levels of games. Online group gaming is always fun and keeps you motivated and challenged.
We start from the base. At each level, we take you to more complicated problems and gradually you develop the skill of speedy response and improved mind calculations. Mathmax has multiplayer, group playing options to challenge your friends, relatives, or colleagues.

Simple math practice refreshes the brain and boosts our memory power. Mathmax is a platform for you to increase your problem-solving skills. With this excellent educational game for learning simple mathematical operations, you can polish yourself and build a better performance in academics. This app includes Mathematical calculations to play and practice with basic and simple Math games of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Keep solving problems and keep your brain busy and sharp.

All Questions of this mathematics study game includes maths tricks, Hints and maths solutions with answers to solve math riddles. Math solutions make mental maths problems very easy.

This Maths app is Made in India. Math riddle games will make your mind works. It can very help full in UPSC & NCERT students in India because the riddles of this study games will be helpful in exams like NCERT and UPSC.

Benefits of Maths Puzzle games.

Cool Math Games improve mathematical questions solving abilities.
Brain games develop memory.
Educational games are very knowledge increasing for UPSC & NCERT students.
Maths Riddle games help to increase logical reasoning ability.
Logic games improve mental math calculation.


0 TO 1 CRORE...

KNOW THE NUMBERS ... સંખ્યાને ઓળખો . 

Four types of play - Addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.
Each type has two levels of play - easy and hard.
There are four modes of play:
Single-player: Practice and test your skills
Random Opponent: Play with a randomly chosen opponent
1 to 1 battle: Invite your friend and play a game
Group match: Invite four friends and play with them
Group and playing with friends help you to improve your math skills. It sharpens your counting and mind game and memory

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