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Saturday, June 5, 2021

Gujarat Pollution Control Board World Environment Day- Quiz and Esaay 2021

Gujarat Pollution Control Board World Environment Day- Quiz and Essay 2021

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Essay Competition Guide 2021 Every year World Environment Day is celebrated by Gujarat Pollution Control Board. This year the Gujarat Pollution Control Board has organized an essay competition as part of the celebration of World Environment Day. In which school, college students and others will be able to participate according to the group.

Topics of essay competition: 

1. Effects of plastic waste on biodiversity 

2. Restoration of living creatures - water / land 

3. My contribution to the protection of the environment. 

4. Municipal Solid Waste - Challenges and Solutions 

Cash Prizes: 

1) The winners announced by the selection committee at the district level will be given cash prizes as per the following table: Winners Cash Prizes 

First Prize Rs. 3000 / 

Second Prize Rs. 1000 / 

Third prize Rs. 500 / 

2) The essay of the first winning candidate at the district level will be presented before the selection committee at the state level. The winners announced by the State Level Selection Committee will be given cash prizes as per the following table: Winners Cash Prizes 

First Prize Rs. 4000 / 

Second Prize Rs. 3000 / 

Third prize Rs. 1000 / 

Essay Guide: 

1. The essay should be written on any one topic. 2. The essay should be written in Gujarati language. On A-3 size paper, it should be fine in 12 size shruti font and limited to 900 words.

3. The following points should be included in the essay: 

  • Topic introduction 
  • Problem solving, approach, remedies etc. 
  • Conclusion, summary of the work and analysis

4. At the beginning of the essay the name of the participant, the name and address of the organization as well as the contact number of the participant, the email id should be mentioned above the essay. 

5. The following criteria will be used in the assessment of the essay: 

  • Subject matter 
  • Originality 
  • Clarity 
  • Structure 

6. Only original essays will be considered for the competition. An previously published essay or a copy of someone else's text will be disqualified.

7. The group of participants will be as follows and accordingly each participant will have to submit his / her essay. 

  • Students up to Std. 7
  • Students up to Std. 8
  • Students who are studying in collage
  • All other (in which there is no age limit)

8. Participants will be able to submit essays in any one group and in the same language.

9. The selection committee should have at least three experts besides the staff / officer of the board. 

10. Cash prizes will be given to each group in both Gujarati and English languages. 

11. The participant should submit the school / college ID along with the essay. Puff and / or proof of address must be submitted. 

Submission Process: 

Essay as a single PDF file. Dated from 09/08/2071 In the period of 15/06/2071, according to the district, the following e-mail has to be submitted.

District Wise E - Mail Address - Sr. No. Name of District E - mail Address 

1. Ahmedabad 

2. Amreli 

3. Anand 

4. Aravalli 

5. Banaskantha 

6. Bharuch 

7. Bhavnagar 

8. Botad 

9. Chhota Udaipur

10. Dahod 

11. Dang 

12. Devbhoomi Dwarka 

13. Gandhinagar 

14. Gir Somnath 

15. Jamnagar 

16. Junagadh 

17. Kutch 

18. Kheda 

19. Mahisagar 

20. Mehsana 

21. Morbi 

22. Narmada ro gpcb 

23. Navsari 

24. Panchmahal

25. Patan 

26. Porbandar 

27. Rajkot 

28. Sabarkantha

29. Surat 

30. Surendranagar

31. Tapi ro - gpcb

32. Vadodara 

33. Valsad

Essay competition by Gujarat State Pollution Control Board on 5th June

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અંગ્રેજીમાં માર્ગદર્શિકા મેળવવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

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Gujarat Pollution Control Board World Environment Day- Quiz 2021

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