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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

મોરારી બાપુ – સંપૂર્ણ રામકથા- વિડીયો સ્વરૂપે

મોરારી બાપુ – સંપૂર્ણ રામકથા- વિડીયો સ્વરૂપે

In Gujarat, instead of political controversy, religious controversy is going on, in which saints to writers, poets and artists have also jumped.

This Neelkanth dispute is going on between famous Ram Kathakar Morari Bapu and Swaminarayan sect.

Morari Bapu said from the stage while reciting Ram Katha, “When it comes to Neelkanth Abhishek, then open your ears and understand, it is Shiva’s Abhishek. No, who is Neelkanth, who has drunk poison, he is the one who has eaten Ladudi (a kind of small laddu), it cannot be Neelkanth. “

Day 1 – Manas Janki | Ram Katha 593 – Jamnagar | 03/05/2003 | Morari Bapu
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Day 9 – Manas Janki | Ram Katha 593 – Jamnagar | 11/05/2003 | Morari Bapu

Mahatma Gandhi started the renaissance in Ahmedabad 100 years ago to convey our message to our people. Navjivan was established in 1919 which is now 100 years old. It is a coincidence that 2019 also marks the 150th anniversary of the Mahatma. Thus, on the occasion of 100 years of Navjivan and 150th birth anniversary of Gandhi, Moraribapu promised to give a story to Navjivan. Gandhi was thinking very far. Gandhi also established Navjivan from Gandhi Ashram to Gujarat Vidyapeeth, but as Gandhiji continued to make his will, he wrote that he did not know if he had any property in the country. My wealth is my idea. I entrust it to Navjivan. Thus Navjivan has inherited what Gandhi wrote.

Gandhi wrote in his will that the Navjivan Trust should not accept donations from anyone and grants from any government. So the question is how the Navjivan Trust works. But Bapu went on to solve it and wrote that I give the right of what I have written to Navjivan Trust, run Navjivan from what I get from its sale. The good thing is that for 100 years, the Navjivan Trust has been running without a single rupee donation or any government help from any rich person in the country. When Moraribapu gave the story to the Navjivan Trust, the question arose that it would cost millions of rupees to tell the story. Moraribapu was going to talk about Mahatma Gandhi through Ram, but where to bring money for the story? But Morari Bapu also knew this question. He told Vivek Desai, managing trustee of Navjivan Trust, “Stop worrying. I will also arrange a host.”


It was the same big event that Moraribapu narrated to Navjivan Trust, but then Bapu himself took the responsibility of bringing the host. The story of Moraribapu was held at the GMDC Ground in Ahmedabad from February 23 to March 3. Everything is magnificent where there is a father. From the dining arrangements for the 20,000 people who come to Katha every day, including the story pavilion, there was not a single flaw that could be put anywhere in the arrangement. But Bapu said that I will also bring the host. So the host was Girish Dani. Who runs the Tulsi Vallabh Nidhi Trust. All the responsibilities were taken up by Tulsi Vallabh Nidhi. There is a special class of people including Ahmedabad who know who Girish Dani is. I don’t want to talk about Dani’s personal life and work. Because even Moraribapu himself knows everything about it. But if I want to introduce Girish Dani to a common man, I will say the same. Girish Dani is a representative of the wealthy people.

It is not his fault that any man is rich. Also, Ahiya is not saying that Bapu should keep Girish Dani away just because he is rich. Yet and yet, there is a question as to why Moraribapu chose Girish Dani as the host for the Ramakatha. I had to go to the place of the story twice. I saw Girish Dani dealing with people there. It was as if there was a feudal lord and all the beggars there were helpless and poor. Girish Dani’s wanderers (probably donors) were also abusive to people. There were an average of over eighty-five people in Moraribapu’s story, who had difficulty getting up and sitting down, but the behavior of Girish Dani & Mandali should not be expected at the place of Moraribapu’s story.

In his story, Moraribapu speaks of equality, goodwill and love. But the blind man could see the difference between the rich and the poor in the story. Arrangements for the rich and the poor were also different. In fact, it is an excellent thing that Bapu does Ramakatha. But one story Bapu needs to keep for Girish Dani and his host cum organizers. Speaking of Gandhi’s simplicity in the Moraribapu story, there were more than a dozen dishes on the dinner menu. Thus Bapu should keep in mind that the contradiction of what he preaches is found only in the place of the story. The rich were seen circling around Bapu like bees. This is not just about Girish Dani. Girish Dani dominates a special class. But why does the Ramakatha pulpit need the class that Girish Dani dominates?

I discussed this question with a friend of mine. So he asked me the opposite question, suppose Bapu gives you money and says you plan the story, can you plan like Girish Dani? The question was very delicate. It really wasn’t possible for me to plan like Girish Dani. That was true. Thus whatever the pulpit is it needs the rich. That is just as much a reality. Which is why it happens. Although people have respect for Moraribapu and the pulpit, they like to hear Bapu’s words but they do not affect the heart. Because people also see Girish Dani standing on Bapu’s pulpit on the stage. The man who gets out of the story place lives his daily life, because he also has the same idea in his mind that one day I too will become Girish Dani. This means that the man in the story is more impressed by Girish Dani than Lord Rama or Moraribapu.

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