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Friday, April 16, 2021

GHARE SHIKHIYE | AUGUST MONTH Google Form ink Std 1 to 5

GHARE SHIKHIYE | AUGUST MONTH Google Form ink Std 1 to 5

Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training (GCERT) is a leading state. Latest tweets from Doordarshan Girnar (ddgirnarlive). Home Learning Classes Educational Program. Every day, students will receive home learning study materials through social media and DD Girnar by August 2020. Standard 4 DD Girnar Home Learning Study Material Video / Diksha Portal Video @, Standard 3 to 12 DD Home Learning Study Material Video Girnar / Diksha Video Portal

D.D. for Std. 3 to 12 Gujarat students. Girnar Time Table: The morality of human character in moral education and the development of his personality, the process of physical, mental and spiritual healing, the loss of integration of culture and science, as well as the process of liberating man from fear, inertia and ignorance. True education is the name of a harmonious combination of science and ethics. The educational system must be such that it removes all kinds of obstacles and prepares man for his responsibilities with his best responsibility and self-esteem. Man's intellect is ten today.

Now a days, education does not have to be expensive. We hear the word digital India everywhere, and mobile is now a smartphone, today the word has changed the face of educational life in India. There are many students who are from two different cities in India, they do not have enough resources. For training institutes. In those moments when everything is just a click away, Digital India replaces revolutionary education.

Schools try to connect with students using WhatsApp and other social media applications. It aims to provide a lot of teaching materials at the door to the students. Next we will look at the Gujarat Government's calendar which is announced by the students for learning at home.



Std 1 Google form Link : Click Here

Std 2 Google form Link : Click Here

Std 3 Google form Link : Click Here

Std 4 Google form Link : Click Here

Std 5 Google form Link : Click Here

Offering wide open courses online courses (MOOCs) offering large-scale interactive partnerships and open offer access through the World Wide Web or other network technologies are the latest educational modes of distance learning. Various other terms (distributed learning, e-learning, m-learning, learning online learning, virtual classroom, etc.) are used approximately as synonyms for distance learning.


ઘરે શીખીએ અધ્યયન નિષ્પતિ ધોરણ ૧ થી ૮

જુન ઘરે શીખીએ અધ્યયન નિષ્પતિ ધોરણ ૧ થી ૮

જુલાઈ ઘરે શીખીએ અધ્યયન નિષ્પતિ ધોરણ ૧ થી ૮

ઓગસ્ટ ઘરે શીખીએ અધ્યયન નિષ્પતિ ધોરણ ૧ થી ૮

 Google is our library and Wikipedia is our encyclopedia. This is our dictionary, and the Kindle is our textbook. Right now, the educational system that is changing our teaching methods through digital technology is the only way to shed light on the lives of our students.

Advantages for students and parents

• Scan QR codes in your textbook for easy access to the associated lessons on the platform
• Revise lessons that you learnt in class
• Find additional material around topics that are difficult to understand
• Practice solving problems and get immediate feedback on whether the answer is correct or not.

Want to create content for DIKSHA?

• Help teachers deliver concepts in an easy and engaging manner
• Help students learn better in and outside class.
• Get involved in providing students with high quality learning material, irrespective of where they study
• If you wish to be a part of this movement, contact us using the details shared below.

This initiative is supported by the Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD) and led by the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) in India.



Download DIKSHA Android App From Here


DIKSHA is a customizable National Digital Infrastructure for teacher-centric initiatives for use by States, Teacher Education Institutes (TEI) and private entities. Teachers can use DIKSHA to access and create high quality teaching, learning and assessment resources in all subjects and for all standards in English and many Indian languages. Teachers can use the platform for their entire career span - from when they are student teachers at TEIs until after they retire - to capture, authenticate and share their work, contributions and achievements. The DIKSHA platform strengthens the hands of ‘Our Teachers Our Heroes’.

Education Online Education Forum (standard time table for education online education 3 to 12 DD Girnar) The Internet is not accessible to everyone, so the Ministry of Human Resource Development also explores radio and television. One key point is to start 12 DTH channels, each standard devoted to a class of one to twelve.

el through DD Girnar and Byseg. The schedule of DD Girnar’s educatàional programs has been published so that students can prepare the subject in a timely manner and learn effectively in online study. There were only standard-of-students. During the first 6 days will be able to study from 12 noon to 1 p.m. Std. 9 students will be able to study starting from 21st June while Std. 10 students will not be published

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