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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Home Learning Video 25Th February Std 3 to 12

Home Learning Video 25Th February Std 3 to 12

For the past several months, primary schools, secondary schools, higher secondary schools, colleges and other educational institutions have closed due to corona disease in the country and the world. Children do not come to school. The Government of Gujarat has implemented the program of 'Home Learning' from 15/6/2020 so that children are not deprived of education. Under this, educational programs on Doordarshan's Gujarati channel "DD GIRNAR" are broadcast to students of Std. 1 to 12.

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 In these programs, renowned teachers from Gujarat have taught educational issues to STD students. 1 to 12. The program is in video format. Children can see and understand every subject of the curriculum right from home. Children who are not able to watch this home learning program on DD Girnar channel, we have included this post in YouTube video for watching home learning videos according to standard, date, subject and time of month of January. Click the link below to download and watch the January "home learning video".

You will be able to watch the programs broadcast on Doordarshan's DD GIRNAR channel in video format. You can also watch these programs on BISAG's "Vande Gujarat" channel. In addition, children who use YouTube can also watch it from a YouTube channel called "Gujarat E-Class".

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There is currently an epidemic of "corona" disease in the world. In most countries of the world, educational institutions such as schools, colleges etc. are closed. Students do not come to school or college. There is a lockout situation in India. In the state of Gujarat, India from 15/6/20, the Chief Minister of the Government of Gujarat, Vijaybhai Rupani implemented a program of "home learning" so that students' learning did not deteriorate. Under this program, students are allowed to study at home.


Educational videos of each standard are broadcast daily on DD Girnar channel as per schedule. Children can study by watching videos sitting at home on television. Students watch home learning videos for all chapters in Std. 1 to 12. Students who are left to watch videos on DD Girnar channel can watch YouTube, "DIKSHA" application, "Study at home" application, BISAG (Bhaskaracharya Institute for Space application and Geo-Informatics) Vande Gujarat channel . Students watched home learning videos for June and July. In this post we have put home learning videos for standard 1 to 12. Students learn a lot from home learning videos. Students learn a lot of activities.

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