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Wednesday, January 27, 2021



 DD Girnar is being broadcast on the channel by Doordarshan Kendra, Ahmedabad programs. Students are benefiting from all these programs with the cooperation of all of you, with wide publicity under good leadership. Based on the feedback from you, teacher friends as well as parents, instructions for broadcast programs for Std. 10 have been received. 1 and 2 students through television.

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 Based on these instructions, Std-1 and Std-1 and Std-1 for Std-1 and Std-1 through DD Girnar channel. D.D. by Girnar Channel. The program will be broadcast during 9:30 hours (except Wednesdays and Thursdays). It is desirable that std. 1 and 8 watch the program in the presence of their parents or older siblings.

 If the std. 1 and 2 are young, watching TV. It is very important that the instruction / information given by the teacher should be in front of the parents or their elder siblings and Std. 5 students.

According to the above topic and context, it is not possible to call students for academic work in schools in the academic year 2020-2021 starting from June 8 due to the current Koro epidemic.

So that std. Educational programs prepared for the students of 'Vande Gujarat' channel no. - 1 to 12 24 hour broadcast, Doordarshan's DTH. Is served.

 Vande Gujarat Channel is available on free recipes. Apart from this from 19.09.2020 through TV i.e. Doordarshan Kendra D.D. Educational programs have started broadcasting from Girnar channel.

 In this regard, the principals and teachers of all the secondary and higher secondary schools have informed the parents as well as the students about this "Home Learning" program through the Reference-3 letter here. Due to the Corona epidemic, the program "Home Learning for Std. 1 to 2 students" has started airing on DD Girnar Channel from 01.09.2020.

At a time when science and technology are advancing while wisdom and prudence is advancing. Knowledge is increasing but personality is breaking down which creates imbalance in many areas and we face various disasters. This situation has forced us to think deeply about our education system.

Everything stays that way. The main paradox is this: an internet homeroom uses innovation to guide and help with learning. What are the benefits of a virtual study hall? It offers more adaptability over traditional study halls.

Seeing the potential and immense popularity of Digital Technology of India in India, our Hon'ble Prime Minister has envisioned the Digital India Initiative to transform our nation using digital technology and create opportunities for all citizens. The initiative includes various projects in various fields related to health, education, labor, employment, etc. As a neighbor of the Digital India project, many colleges and universities offer correspondence online correspondence courses. Let us now go through many interesting facts about online education in India.

The value of the online education market in India was 24 247 million in 2011, which is projected to grow to about 1. 1.96 billion by 2021. Which is a growth rate of 52%.

The number of registered users for various online online learning courses is estimated to be 1.6 million in 2016, which is projected to increase to about 9.6 million by the peak of 2021.

It is estimated that the cost of classroom education has increased by 175%, making this education more preferable to online learning because it is effective.

About 48% of the population in India is between the ages of 15-40 with high aspirations but low income for online education can be a good target market. And, in a small demographic, channel acceptance of an online channel is high.

Learn from anywhere, anytime

Education Online learning only requires a laptop or smartphone with a connection, so students can learn anytime, anywhere. This flexibility helps working professionals pursue new courses without leaving their jobs. They will be able to learn on the weekends or in their free time. All course materials are readily available at the fingertips of students.

Save money and time

Education Online education is more cost effective than daily non-campus degrees. It helps students who can't get a daily college college degree to fulfill their dream without spending a fortune on college college education. Since you are studying on your own time, it also helps save a lot of time.

Learn at your own pace

Everyone learns at a particular pace. During a classroom where everyone was teaching together, many students find it difficult to follow the teachings. This is often a significant disadvantage of traditional education. Education Online education solves this problem. Education In online education all the course material is provided earlier, students learn it by taking their own time. Students can clarify their doubts through live chats or forums

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